GCEM 4100 Datasheet Gas Monitoring - CODEL - CEMS Document

Model G-CEM4100 Extractive Flue Gas Analyser
Extractive Flue Gas Analyser

The G-CEM4100 is a hot extractive analyser for difficult flue gas monitoring applications. It uses infrared absorption spectroscopy to measure up to seven pollutant species in a single self-contained unit.

Many conventional extractive systems require the sampled gas to be cleaned and dried to a very high standard prior to analysis, invariably resulting in a high maintenance demand. Such elaborate pre-conditioning is not required; the G-CEM4100 creates ‘perfect’ duct conditions in a temperature controlled chamber within a separate free-standing, air-conditioned cabinet. Process gases are simply cooled (or heated) then transferred along a heated sample line, without further conditioning, to be measured using a CODEL multi-channel analyser housed in the cabinet.

Increasingly, environmental agencies demand that continuous emission analysers have the facility to prove their performance using known concentration audit gases. The G-CEM4100 provides the facility to automatically check and control zero using clean, dry compressed air (or N2). Where independent span checks are required, bottled gases of known concentration can be injected directly into the measurement chamber.

- multi-species infrared absorption analyser for up to seven gas species
- extractive system to local analyser with full zero & span verification using audit gases
- real-time normalisation for STP & H2O ppm, mg/m3 (measured) & mg/Nm3 (normalised)
- automatic calibration verification facility and full range of outputs & alarms
- 5 years+ data logging via pc software package remote access for diagnostic checks via modem
- full EMC & LVD approvals
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