multi::lyser_V3_ww_EN S::CAN Datasheet

multi::lyser™ IV - V3
multi::lyser™ IV monitors 4 of the following parameters: TSS, TS, TOC, DOC, BOD, COD, COD f, NO3-N, UV254 and UV254 f

∙ measuring principle: UV-Vis spectrometry over the total range (190-750 nm)
∙ web server on board - IoT enabled, no user software is needed to configure the probe
∙ communicates directly with your mobile device via WLAN
∙ 8 GB onboard memory - capacity for logging data for many years
∙ improved optical performance - revolutionary precision
∙ fast measurement interval - every 10 seconds possible
∙ extremely power efficient - sleep mode for low energy consumption
∙ multiparameter probe with 1 mm, 5 mm or 35 mm optical path length, ideal for waste water, surface water and drinking water
∙ long term stable and maintenance free in operation
∙ factory precalibrated, local multi-point calibration possible
∙ automatic cleaning with compressed air or brush
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